Cutter heads GR 002-01 for lathe 1М63, 16К40


The cutter head GR 002-01 (Fig.1) is intended for fixing the cutters on lathes 1M63, 16K40.
In the head the tool holder is fixed on the axis by a finger lock with a positioning accuracy of 0.05 mm.
This head is a 4-position head that can hold up to 4 incisors at the same time. This allows you to quickly change the tool during operation by turning the tool head to a different working position with the desired tool.
The greatest effect of this head is achieved when processing parts of complex shapes.
The head is supplied with a process flange (Fig. 2), which is used for transporting the head Assembly. Before installing the head on the machine, the flange must be removed.
Have the ability to put the nest (Fig.3) and spacers (Fig. 4) for a fee.

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