About the company

JSC "Baranovichi machine tool accessories plant" is a manufacturer of universal clamping technological equipment necessary for completing metal-cutting machines of turning, milling, drilling and planing groups, as well as components and parts for automobile and tractor equipment.

Due to its reliability and durability, the technological equipment of the Baranovichi machine tool accessories plant has gained a high reputation among the leading machine tool and machine-building enterprises of the CIS and the Baltic States.

The main types of products produced by our factory:

  • Turning сhucks:
    - 3-jaw self-centering V-ring Ø250-630 mm;
    - 3-jaw wedge precision classes H, P and B with a mechanized clamp for CNC machines Ø210-400 mm;
    - 3-jaw wedge mechanized Ø200-500 mm;
    - 4-jaw with manual clamping with independent movement of the Cams Ø250-1250 mm;
    - 3-jaw mechanized hollow precision class N, P and B Ø170-400 mm;
    - 3-x, 4-x jaw mechanized for processing pipes Ø410-720 mm.
  • Machine tool vise:
    - steel rotary and non-rotating jaws with a width of 80-200 mm;
    - cast iron rotary and non-rotating jaws 125-320 mm wide;
    - cast-iron rotary pneumatic with hydralic reinforcement with a sponge width of 200, 250 mm;
    - steel non-rotating self-centering jaws 125, 200 mm wide.
  • Bench vise with a jaw width of 160-250 mm.
  • Rotary dividing tables with a faceplate Ø250, 400 mm.
  • Pneumatic cylinders rotating clamping hollow 1, 2, 3 piston Ø160, 200, 250 mm.
  • Electromechanical heads for milling, turning, boring, drilling machines
  • Tool disks
  • Jaws for turning and carousel machines
  • Lathe carriages with manual and mechanized drive
  • Tool holders 4-position, with a cylindrical shank Ø30, 40, 50 mm.
  • Locking devices
  • Hand dumbbells weighing 6 and 15 kg.
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