The plant began with a small artel "Red Metallist", which was created in April 1946. The collective of the artel in 1950 consisted of about 40 workers, who are referred to as “jack of all trades”.
   Semyon Semyonovich Astreiko was appointed the first director of the plant. He headed the artel, and then the plant from 1953 to 1961.
   Since 1961, the plant has come to grips with the issues of improving products, replacing them with new types that meet the modern level. The technical thought of specialists is working on the modernization of products and the development of new products. Close creative contacts are being established with the Experimental Scientific Research Institute of Metal-Cutting Machine Tools (ENIMS). The plant engineers together with the ENIMS specialists have created a range of hydraulic vices. And together with specialists of the All-Union Design and Technical Institute (VPTI) - a range of manual and mechanized rotary tables, consisting of four standard sizes. A distinctive feature of the new designs is high accuracy, reliability and durability in operation.
In a short time, prototypes were made, tested and put into production.
   At this time, the plant was headed by Larin Fedor Denisovich, and from the middle of 1962 Soloviev Vladimir Sergeevich took over as director, who worked in this position until 1967.
   In 1979, Eduard Stanislavovich Yakimchik was appointed director of the plant.
These were the years of high-quality re-equipment of the plant on the basis of the most advanced technology - CNC machines.
1975-1985 years were the years of the rise of machine tool construction. In order to accelerate the development of production of unified ranges of highly efficient mechanized machine tooling, by order of the Minister of Machine Tool and Tool Industry of the USSR No. 549 dated September 18, 1980, a design and technological department of machine tool equipment was organized at the plant.
In March 1994, the Privatization Commission submitted to the Ministry of State Property Management a conclusion on the feasibility of transforming the state enterprise Baranovichi Machine Tool Accessories Plant into an open joint stock company.
By order No. 89 of March 31, 1994, the Ministry of Property established OJSC “Baranovichi Machine Tool Accessories Plant”.
   On December 8, 2000, Khrenovsky Vyacheslav Sergeevich was appointed director of the plant.
In recent years, the management of the plant has established strong business ties with the management of the Minsk Tractor Plant, the Minsk Automobile Plant. The plant received an order for the manufacture of large series of units and parts for automotive and tractor equipment.
   At the end of 2007, the plant also became a laureate of the competition "The best goods of the Republic of Belarus" in the nomination "Products for industrial and technical purposes"
   From 23.02.2015 Andrey Zbyslavovich Mikhailovsky was appointed director of the plant.

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