Four-position tool holders


   The UG0101.600.000.000 (Fig.1) and RDT-4P (Fig. 2) four-position tool holders are meant for mounting on midrange screw-cutting.     The UG0101.600.000.000 and RDT-4P tool holders are interchangeable.
   The RD-4P-01 tool holder (Fig. 3) is used on machines CA500 (600)Ф2, СА500 (600)Ф3 manufactured by JSC "Sasta", Sasovo.
   In the UG0101.600.000.000 tool holder, the cutter is fixed on the axis by a roller over taper counterfaces with positioning accuracy of 0,045 mm.
   In the RDT-4P and RD-4P-01 tool holders, the cutter is fixed on the axis by a Hirth crown gears and positioning accuracy of 0,005 mm. There are 48 teeth.
   The tool holders are made of cemented steel with hardness of functional surfaces of 52...60 HRC and have high lifetime.

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