Cutter heads


   GR 001-02 (Fig. 1), GR 002 (Fig. 2), GR 003 (Fig. 3), GR 008 (Fig. 1), GR 009-01 (Fig. 1) cutter heads are meant for clamping the cutters and other machining tools on metal turning lathes.
   In the GR 001-02, GR 008, GR 009-01 cutter head the cutter support position is fixed by a Hirth crown gears and positioning accuracy of 0,005 mm. There are 96 teeth.
   In the GR 002 and GR 003 cutter heads the cutter support position is fixed by a rod holder and positioning accuracy of 0,05 mm.
   GR 001-02 cutter heads are used on machines СА700 (800)СF2, СА983СF2.
   GR 002 cutter heads are used on machines СА562, СА564.
   GR 003 cutter heads are used on machines 1Н983 (РТ983).
   GR 008 cutter heads are used  on machines СА1100 (1250, 1400)СF, СPF2.
   GR 009-01 cutter heads are used on machines СА500 (600, 630)F.
   Hardness of under cutter surface is 47...55 HRC.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/S1H1bhh1d h6d1d11d2d21HSМасса, кг
GR 001-02/19513335657550110М867М835032035
GR 002/19511535536748100М12100-30032045
GR 003/19511535536248--100-32032045
GR 008/24016040709660130М878М1040024071
GR 009-01/18012035458750110М867М833530533

Applicability of tool holders and cutter heads

Tool holders/Cutter heads JCS “Sasta” lathes
 GR001-02 (Hirth clutch)  СА700 (800)СF2, СА983СF2
 GR002  СА562, СА564
 GR003  1Н983 (RТ983)
 GR008 (Hirth clutch)  СА1100 (1250, 1400)СF, СPF2
 GR009-01 (Hirth clutch)  СА500F, СА600F, СА630F

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