Quick-connect couplings for hydraulic systems


Quick-connect couplings are meant for quick connection and disconnection of flexible pipes of hydraulics working under pressure of up to 200 bar.

The design feature of the couplings is 100% casing hermeticity when disconnected due to original valve configuration, reduced differential pressure by oil flow through the locking feature as against known analogies, 100% of assemblability and hermeticity when assembling with couplings of European manufacturers.

The design of the couplings is complies with GOST R 50191 and international standards ISO 5675, ISO 7241-1 in terms of connection sizes, they can be coupled with response parts of couplings by different manufacturers.

The couplings can be applied in MAZ-type mobile transports, tractors and other agricultural engineerings with towed vehicles. The couplings have passed tests on "Minsk Tractor Works", "Minsk Automobile Plant", "Lidagroprommash", "Volgograd Tractor Plant" and are being applied for equipping arrangement of "Belarus" tractors, MAZ trucks and support vehicles, support vehicle of "Mogilevtransmash" plant.

The plant can supply quick-connect couplings with adaptors and other thread versions: metric, conic inch, piped cylindrical, piped conic.

Dimensions and specifications

UZ 036.50BMM.10 (pic.5)/leftМ27х1,51710,5117504474
UZ 036.50BMM.10-01 (pic.4)/leftМ27х1,52210,592252160
UZ 036.50BMM.10-02 (pic.4)/leftМ27х1,52210,5106403660
UZ 036.50BMM.10-03 (pic.1)/leftМ20х1,517156214960
UZ 036.50BMM.10-03-01(pic.1)/leftМ22х1,5171564,516,511,560
UZ 036.50BMM.10-03-02(pic.1)/leftМ20х1,517156214960
UZ 036.50BMM.10-04 (pic.3)/leftМ16х1,5-782129-
UZ 036.50BММ.10-04-01(pic.3)/leftМ16х1,512,5890232024
UZ 036.50BММ.10-05 (pic.1)/leftМ20х1,517156214960
UZ 036.80В.10 (pic.1)/leftМ27х1,522198716,511,560
М 036.50B.10К (red) (pic.2)/leftМ20х1,517157014960
М 036.50B.10К-01 (green) (pic.2)/leftМ20х1,517157014960
М 036.50B.10К-02 (blue) (pic.2)/leftМ20х1,517157014960
UZ 036.50BММ.20 (pic.8)/rightМ27х1,52210,574252160
UZ 036.50BММ.20-03 (pic.6)/rightМ20х1,517155016,512,560
UZ 036.50BММ.20-03-01 (pic.6)/rightМ22х1,517155016,512,560
UZ 036.50BММ.20-04 (pic.7)/rightМ16х1,511767161260
UZ 036.50BММ.20-04-01 (pic.7)/rightМ16х1,512,5873232024
UZ 036.80В.20 (pic.6)/rightМ16х1,5221958,52012,560

Delivery options for quick-connect couplings and their technical characteristics

Parameter Standard sizes of locking devices
UZ036.50BММ (pic.1) UZ036.50BММ-01 (pic.1) UZ036.50BММ-02 (pic.1) UZ036.50BММ-03 (pic.2) UZ036.50BММ-03-01 (pic.2)
Connecting thread:  
D1-8g M27x1,5 M27x1,5 M27x1,5 M20x1,5 M22x1,5
D2-8g M27x1,5 M27x1,5 M27x1,5 M20x1,5 M22x1,5
Overall dimensions, not more than, L, mm 168 145 160 90 95
Weight, not more than, kg 0,73 0,63 0,68 0,28 0,3
  UZ036.50BММ-4 (pic.1) UZ036.50BММ-5 (pic.3) UZ036.50BММ-6 (pic.4) UZ036.50BММ-7 (pic.1) UZ036.80B (pic.2)
Connecting thread:  
D1-8g M14x1,5 M20x1,5 M20x1,5 M16x1,5 M27x1,5
D2-8g M16x1,5 M27x1,5 M20x1,5 M22x1,5 M27x1,5
Overall dimensions, not more than, L, mm 125 120 110 180 120
Weight, not more than, kg 0,38 0,48 0,62 0,6 0,58


Technical parameters
Models of locking devices UZ 036.50ХХХ UZ 036.80ХХХ
Conditional passage, mm 12 16
Nominal pressure, MPa 20
Opening force of devices, N 20…60 50…140
Working fluid flow, dm3 / min (nom. / max.) 50/80 80
Pressure drop at nominal flow rate and kinematic viscosity from 20 to 40 mm2 / s, no more, MPa 0,35 0,55


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