Pneumatic machine vises with hydraulic amplification 7201-0014-03, 7201-0019-03, 7201-0020-03


Pneumatic machine vises with hydraulic amplification are meant for workpieces clamping for machining on milling, planing, drilling and others machines. Vise accuracy class N and P is under the GOST 16518 (DIN 6370). Vise case-type parts are produced from cast iron.
Vise mounting on a table of the machine is realized by means of dowels, fixation – by means of bolts (number N). Workpiece clamping is made by means of pack of disk springs, which are previously compressed by power mechanism. Power mechanism is a built-in pneumo-hydroamplifier. Workpiece clamping by disk springs secures a safety of workpieces clamping when full air pressure drop in the system. Nominal air pressure is 6,3 bar.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/BAhA1LB1Hbb1NCClamping force, NWeight, kg

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