Two- and three-jaw power chucks for automatic lathes PKSA


The chucks are intended for clamping of piece blanks over their external surfaces on multi-spindle automatic lathes with P accuracy class.
Design of chucks provides for jaw inserts compatibility, that allows to increase productivity and accuracy to a great extent when workpieces machining on automatic machines.
Chucks secure inner space sealing from entry of fine chip and bleeding of lubricate, increasing of lifetime, jaws centering particular accuracy.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Chuck diameter, mmNumber of jawsChuck height, В, mm: type "C"Chuck height, В, mm: type "J", "K", "D"Chuck height to base jaw, C, mm: type "C"Chuck height to base jaw, C, mm: type "J", "K", "D"Gripping range, mmJaw stroke, H, not less then, mmMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Conjoint shoulder diameter D H6, мм (design "С")Conjoint shoulder depth G, ммSpindle nose size: type "J" (ГОСТ 12593)Spindle nose size: type "K" (ГОСТ 12595)Spindle nose size: type "D" (ГОСТ 26651)Mounting holes position diameter, F, mmNumber/mounting holes diameter, n/d, mmRod stroke L,ммRod thread size, МThread for soft jaws mounting, m x 2Distance between soft jaws mounting holes, S, mmDistance between the hole and the transverse groove of the jaw, k, ммMax draw bar pull, kNMax. total clamping force, kNCentering accuracy for jaws compatibility, mmCentering accuracy for direct jaws boring, mmDistance from the rotation axis to the jaw cross slot h, ммThe width of transverse groove of the fixing jaw, R, ммThe width of longitudinal groove of the fixing jaw, Т, ммMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Chuck weight, kg: type "C"Chuck weight, kg: type "J", "K", "D"

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