Three-jaw power chucks accurace class P and B type PKM


The chucks are designed for clamping workpieces machined on lathes of accuracy class P and B in full-scale and mass production conditions. These are power chucks; the drive is mounted on the rear end of a machine. The adjustment for a required clamping diameter is made by reinstalling hardened jaw inserts by main jaws riffling, thereby required chuck accuracy remains. The chuck is provided with oil lubricators for lubricating the working surfaces of the rod and jaws. Chucks are interchangeable with Bison-Bial chucks.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Chuck diameter D, mmChuck fixation typeChuck height L, mmChuck height to base jaw L1, mmGripping range, mmJaw stroke Н, mmMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Conjoint shoulder (spindle nose) diameter D1, mmConjoint shoulder (spindle nose) depth l, mmSpindle nose size GOST Standard 12595 (DIN 55026)Outer diameter of a spindle nose D3, mmSpindle nose depth l1, mmMounting holes position diameter D2, mmNumber / size of threads of fixing screws, n x d1Rod thread size d, mmThread length of screw h, mmScrew minimum distance w, mmBlock (collet) width b, mmJaw inserts fixation thread size mDistance between jaw inserts mounting holes S, mmJaws tooth pitch, mmRod stroke К, mmMax, draw bar pull, kNTotal clamping force, kNChuck weight, kg
PKM-210.С170/2101909515-2106,745001705------133,46 х М12М20537017М12191,5875 x 90О (1/16’’ x 90О)254510024
PKM-210.К6/21029610115-2106,74500----6106,37514133,46 х М12М20537017М12191,5875 x 90О (1/16’’ x 90О)254510024
PKM-250.С220/2501909515-250840002205------171,46 х М16М24536320М16251,5875 x 90О (1/16’’ x 90О)306515036
PKM-250.К6/25029610115-25084000----6106,37514133,46 х М16М24536320М16251,5875 x 90О (1/16’’ x 90О)326515036
PKM-250.К8/25029610115-25084000----8139,71916171,46 х М16М24536320М16251,5875 x 90О (1/16’’ x 90О)326515036

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