Power chucks for tube PPT-720


Chucks for turning 4-jaw mechanized combined PPT 4N-720.320, PPT 4N-720.340 (analogue chucks 1N983,1N984, SА 983, SА 984, Bison-Bial models 2615-720-320, 2615-720-340) are designed for fastening of pipes, cylindrical and eccentric details, non-concentric clamping of blanks of complex shape, provided by individual adjustment of jaws, and rod materials on turning special stations.

Chucks work from a mechanized drive mounted on the machine, transmitting torque to the gear, located at the rear end of the chuch. The left and right chucks are installed on the spindle headstock of the machine.

Chucks of models PPT 4N-720.320 and PPT 4N-720.340 have screws for tuning for processing of blanks of various shape of section.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Chuck diameter, D, mmNumber of jawsChuck height, H1, mm, maxMounting holes diameter, D2, mmDiameter and number of mounting holes, d/n, mm/pc.Through-hole diameter, D0, mmChuck body height, H, mmChuck height, H1, mm, maxCam clamping stage length, S, mmJaw height L, mmJaw width b, mmGripping range, mm, mmThe total clamping force in the jaws when max torque is given, даНMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Chuck weight, kg
PPT 4N-720.320/720434540017х8320195235,5 | 283,535,5 | 83,5210 | 2306070-320120450340 | 348
PPT 4N-720.340/720436540617х8340195235,5 | 283,535,5 | 83,52006070-340120450320 | 328

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