Power chucks for tube PPT-630


Lathe chuck 3 and 4-jaw power combined PPT 3N-630.205, 630.205 PPT 4H (analogue RT 783) designed for fixing pipes, cylinder and eccentric partsnon-concentric clamping workpieces of complex shapeprovided the individual reconciliation cams and semifinished materials on turning pipe processing machines. The left and right chucks are installed on the headstock.
Chucks are powered by a mechanized drive that is part of the machine design, transmitting torque to the gear wheel located at the rear end of the chuck.
Chucks have screws to adjust the processing workpieces of different cross-sectional shapes.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Chuck diameter, D, mmNumber of jawsChuck height, H1, mm, maxChuck body height, H, mmThrough-hole diameter, D0, mmCone outer diameter, D1, mmMounting holes diameter, D2, mmDiameter and number of mounting holes, d/n, mm/pc.Drive wheel outer diameter, Da, mmDrive wheel teeth number, z, pc.Drive wheel module m, mmJaw height L, mmThe total clamping force in the jaws when max torque is given, даНMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Gripping range, mm, mmChuck weight, kg
PPT 3N-630.205/6303235,5 | 283,5195205285,77531017/64521124210 | 230800063048-205315 | 323
PPT 4N-630.205/6304235,5 | 283,5195205285,77531017/84521124210 | 230800063048-205321 | 329

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