Independent four-jaw chucks with an enlarged through hole PT4N-630.270New


The chuck is designed for clamping and processing pipes, bar material, piece blanks of complex configuration, asymmetric, eccentric on lathes and specialized machines. The PT4N-630.270 cartridge is an analog of the Bison 4317-630 chuck.


1. High and steady clamping force;

2. Increased strength;

3. Guarantee high accuracy and long service life;

4. Mounting on the flanged ends of the spindles according to GOST 12595 (ISO 702-1; DIN 55026) and GOST 12593 (ISO 702-3; DIN 55027).

Order example: Independent four-jaw chuck PT4N-630.270/A20.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/AHDCPSBφbhln×dn1×MkKey torque, N·mTotal clamping force in jaws, kNMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Gripping range, mmChuck weight, kg
PT4N-630.270/А15/Ø630135∅330,2∅285,775∅27024807°7^' 〖30〗^'' (⊳1:4)75102508×∅25,56×М242240015085050-630270
PT4N-630.270/А20/Ø630135∅463,6∅412,775∅27024807°7^' 〖30〗^'' (⊳1:4)75102508×∅25,56×М242240015085050-630255

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