Electromechanical tool clamping head

Electromechanical head 7921-0003 is meant for, mainly, for tool mechanical clamp in milling machine tools spindles, as well as it can be applied as a drive with one-way rotation output shaft, for reaching of operation unit low speed with maximum torque.
In the head design there is automatic gear-box and electric motor disconnect with output driven shaft available, moreover head driven shaft after motor disconnection can rotate jointly with operation unit with rotation speed to 3000 min-1. Rotation direction of output driven shaft is a one-way (left) rotation.
As agreed upon with the customer it’s possible manufacturing of heads with right-hand rotation, and also with less torque due to changing of springs number or spring wire diameter.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Maximum torque, N·mOutput shaft rotation, min-1Output shaft rotation directionClamping time, secMains current typeCurrent frequency, HzVoltage, VElectric motor power, kWElectric motor frequency, min-1Torque controlHead weight, not above, kg
7921-0003/6056±5left5three-phase alternating503800,253000by microswitch16,6

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