The jaws are designed for mounting on turning-and-boring lathe 1512, 1516, 1531, 1531M, 1541.

The jaws are equipped with a stop bar (for machines 1512, 1516) and cylindrical bushings (for machines 1531, 1531M, 1541).

Simultaneously using the movement of several tools, one can perform multi-tool machining. It greatly improves productivity and makes performance easier.

This design allows high accuracy machining of large workpieces.

Jaws can be hardened or non-hardened (soft). Hardened jaws are used for clamping workpieces with untreated surfaces. Non-hardened jaws provide high accuracy of installation, since the jaws themselves are directly machined on the lathe before machining a batch of parts, and a workpiece has previously treated surfaces.

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