Pneumatic clamping device PPZ


It’s meant for working on drilling and milling machines. It is a mechanized power chuck (depending on configuration of a blank it can be either three-jawed or two-jawed), fastened on a pneumatic cylinder housing. Movement of rod’s traction of a holder is carried out by a supply of compressed air in a cavity of pneumatic cylinder through a collector. Collector is used for protection against loss of operating pressure in a chain, which, in its turn, doesn’t let to lose clamping force of a blank during its processing.
On a customer’s request it is possible to produce several devices installed on one plate for clamping and processing of few blanks at once.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Chuck diameter, D, mmDistance from base to main jaw, h, mmHeight, N, mmBase width, A, mmBase length, B, mmDistance between grooves, C, mmSlot width, E, mmNominal air pressure, MPaThe total clamping force in the jaws at a nominal pressure not less than, kNCam stroke at maximum stroke of the piston, not less than, mmGripping range, mmChuck weight, kg

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