Complete clamping device

The complete clamp device is mounted on lathe group machines and is meant for mechanical clamp of workpieces. The device consists of the following:
1. Chucking (cored or solid);
2. Drive (pneumatic actuator, hydraulic actuator, electromagnetic pickup);
3. Connecting rod;
4. Controlling system (not included in delivery set).
The chucking and its drive can be mounted on every spindle depending on the machine. There are two chucking versions: without through-holefor workpiece processing; with through-hole for rod workpiece processing. Currently we are mastering production of pneumatic actuators with passage openings for processing of extra long rods (shafts).

Dimensions and specifications

Clamping device Drive
Chucks without through-hole External chuck diameter, mm Drive model(draw bar pull, kN)
200 CPV-250 (2800); CPV-200.2 (3500); CGV-125 (4000); EMG-50 (4500)
250 CPV-200.2 (3500); CPV-250.2 (5200); CGV-150 (5000); EMG-50 (4500)
315 CPV-250.2 (5300); CPV-250.3 (7500); CGV-150 (5000)
400 CPV-250.3 (7500)
Chucks with through-hole Through-hole diameter, mm External chuck diameter, mm Drive model(draw bar pull, kN)
40 200 CPV-250 (2800); EMG-50 (4500); CGV-140.П.45 (4400)
60 250 CPV-200.2 (3500); CPV-250.2 (5200); EMG-50 (4500); CGV-140.П.45 (4400)
80 315 CPV-250.2 (5200)

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