Hydraulic cylinders CGV


Rotating hydraulic cylinder is meant for installation in metal-cutting machines as a powered chuck drive. For preventing pressure drop in cylinder hollows, when there is an unexpected pressure drop in feeding system or feeding line hoses breakage, hydraulic pilot-operated valves are built-in in hydraulic cylinder, which automatically disconnect cylinder hollows from feeding system and secures keeping of workpiece clamping force in the chuck till machine spindle stops. For hydraulic cylinder installation in automated machines, that contain hydraulic distributor with electrical control, there are piston stroke working movement control inductive switches mounted for workpiece clamping and unclamping.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Nominal working pressure, barMaximum speed of rotation, min-1Draw bar pull, kNTouch-up pressure, barTotal leakage, l/minTime of pressure drop to 50% when emergency pressure drop in pressure line is to 0, sec, not lessMovement time on full stroke value with feed 20 l/min, sec, not abovePiston stroke, mmDisbalance, g·cmWeight, kgDD1D2D3dd1d2NMTL

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