Three-jaw manual self-centering chucks Ø 800 mm


The chucks are designed for mounting on universal and special lathes. The design of the chucks provides high pressure force transfer with much less vise grip wrench torque compared to concentric jaw chucks. Wedge bar chucks have high wear resistance and long service life, stability in reaching high precision of centering parts. The chuck is made on the basis of a steel body, the grooves for the jaws are hardened with HDPE. This chuck has T-slots on the body for installation of various technological adjustments. The chuck is equipped with hardened jaws made for various clamping ranges of diameters starting from Ø70 to Ø740.


Dimensions and specifications


Наименование параметров ПР-800.252
Mounting on the spindle according to GOST 12595 (DIN 55027); GOST 12593 (DIN 55026); GOST 3890 (EXT. according to DIN 6350) Agreed with the consumer
Working jaw stroke, mm 15
Maximum torque on the key, Нм 350
The total clamping force in the jaws, кН 270
Maximum speed of rotation, min-1 1000
Chuck weight, kg 470

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