Air operated self-centering chuck with through-hole PPT


Air operated self-centering chuck with through-hole model PPT-410.140.J11 serves for kitting of special lathes with clamped spindle stop, meant for pipe machining in oil and gas producing industry.
Pneumatic actuator allows to install two chucks on a machine (on a spindle nose and back spindle terminus of a lathe) for better centering of pipe workpiece. Increased movement of clamping jaw allows to clamp a pipe without couplings removing. For emergency shutting-down of spindle rotation when loss of pressure in a chuck hollow, there is a pressure fall control mechanism installed.

Dimensions and specifications

Model/Max. total clamping force, kN, at nominal air pressure 6,3 barMaximum speed of rotation with exchange jaws, min-1Conjoint cone conditional size GOST12593 (DIN 55026)Total jaw stroke, mm:Accelerated jaw stroke, mm:Clamping jaw stroke, mm:Pressure fall control mechanism operating pressure, barPressure drop time in a chuck working hollow to 2,5 bar, not less, minChuck weight, kg

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